Is It Time to Update Your HVAC System?

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Over time, your HVAC system wears down, no matter how well you maintain it. A system that was cutting-edge when you first installed it might now be inefficient compared to newer HVAC systems.

Getting HVAC retrofitting services can allow you to replace your worn-out HVAC system with a more efficient one. Three D Heating & Air performs HVAC replacements and retrofitting in Stanfield, OR, the Tri-City area and other surrounding areas. You can count on me to revamp your HVAC system in no time.

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When to replace your heating and cooling units

When to replace your heating and cooling units

You know you need HVAC replacement or retrofitting work when your heater and air conditioner don't work at all, but it can be hard to tell in other situations. Think about HVAC retrofitting or replacement work when your HVAC unit:

  • Needs frequent repairs
  • Heats or cools your spaces unevenly
  • Are more than 10 years old

Reach out to me first when these things happen. You can call 541-561-7185 or email me for a free estimate on replacing your HVAC units.